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Is that a Live Salesperson in my IBM Ad?

4em_2 This IBM banner ad has to be seen to be really understood, but it creates an effect like a "window" into the contact center where a live rep is hanging out and ready to talk to someone (in Danish). I don't think it's actually real-time video, but the voice and text messaging absolutely are. 061116i I just hope they always remember to match the gender of the real salesperson with the gender of the person in the video clip.

ClickZ: IBM Campaign Uses In-Banner Video Chat. Zachary Rodgers, 2006-Oct 23

The newfangled ads are the invention of Avivocom, which uses a combination of video, VoIP and text chat to let its enterprise clients converse with online prospects....IBM believes the ad unit helps it be accessible to the SMB community, which tends to think of the company as monolithic and aloof. "We put a face to the marketplace," said Ed Abrams, VP of integrated marketing communications for IBM Americas.