Borrowing a Brand Image
Bring a Stake to the Game

Cingular Joins the Network at YouTube

2mn Cingular understand how to participate in the new social networks. Too many companies just want to post a profile and try to attract "friends." Cingular is bringing more benefit to the rest of the network by sponsoring a search for an emerging, unsigned band who will get an appearance on "Good Morning America" along with other forms of support. Over 2,000 video clips were submitted.


...“The Underground Contest” is the first big sponsorship deal YouTube has struck with a major advertiser, but it won’t be the last. ...Increasingly, brands are warming up to the year-and-half old company. And part of the lovefest is due to the way the company integrates advertising into its consumer-generated content, said Beth Taylor, vice president of media for Boston-based ad agency Digitas, which helped broker the deal...

from YouTube contest may discover the new U2. 2006-Oct-5, by Jesse Noyes