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Chevy Aveo: A Car to Live In

4ee To market the Aveo to advertising-avoiding college students, Chevy launched a contest calculated to create evangelists. Teams from several campuses were invited to compete for a new car by taking one to live in for a few days and seeing which team could get the biggest online following of friends. A blog site was supplied but they were also encouraged to use MySpace and any other social media to promote their team activities. The contest is over now, but judging for the entries, a good time was had by all.

061116h Detroit News: Catering to Gen Y drives Chevy ad blitz. 2006-Oct-30, by Josee Valcourt

...Khatiwoda, 20, is pairing up with a college friend, Keriann Zolman, a 21-year-old pre-law student, in hopes of winning their own wheels....The MSU students, both from Madison Heights, plan to park their Aveo near a downtown bar in East Lansing and pump up the car's sound system as loudly as municipal ordinances allow for an outdoor Halloween party...."We're just going to make people come to us," Khatiwoda said.