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T-Shirt Marketing

2ssTwo non-competitive marketers who share an audience have made a neat flip on the sponsorship concept. California-based surf/skate equipment supplier Split is supplying hip t-shirts to casual restaurants based in Hawaii called Wahoo's. A wide variety of trendy shirts are supplied free of charge to the restaurant with the clothing supplier's name writ large and the restaurant's name in small type on the sleeve. Split also hangs banners around the restaurant and the two companies may collaborate on some events soon.

Honolulu Star Bulletin: Uniform Decision, 2006-Aug-27, by Allison Schaefers (via Extra Texture)

060921Angela Malo said customers regularly ask where she buys her trendy T-shirts. "Customers always want to know where I shop and my niece begged me to send her my uniform -- I finally had to tell her that I couldn't give away my work clothes," Malo said. The pride Morales and Malo express in their uniforms is a two-for-one advertising win for Wahoo's Fish Taco and for Irvine, Calif.-based Split USA, both of whom reap equal benefits from a guerrilla marketing tactic that has reversed traditional sponsorship patterns.