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3cb_1 Researching their market, pre-launch, the new CW Network found that everyone expected them to push the envelope. And so they decided to become the most participatory network, encouraging involvement of both viewers and advertisers. Advertisers like P&G's Herbal Essence can submit 2-minute content wraps. Herbal Essence is talking about Fashion Week and hot hairstyles. 060921c_1 Viewers can go online to the web site or the MySpace page and compete in contests to make TV spots, appear in TV spots and appear in the TV shows.

Washington Post: New Marketing Model for New CW Network, 2006-Sep-18, by Lynn Elber (Associated Press)

While established broadcasters maneuver to exploit the Internet, iPod and other technology, CW is building them into its carefully designed model, its executives said. "The words we use to describe CW, besides the young demographic, are innovation, participation, connection and community," said [CW Entertainment President Denise] Ostroff, ... She cited market research that showed its target audience, found at the 60-million-strong intersection of Generations X and Y, "is a 'we' generation, not a 'me' generation."