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3umCanadian firm Ariad Custom Communicaitons helps independent financial consultants market to their customers, usually with newsletters. So they believe their own newsletter has to be a role model. The first decision they made was to avoid using articles to tell their audience what to do. Instead they show and assist their audience in four sections of the bimonthly newsletter. I highly recommend the whole Sherpa article which includes tips about headlines and graphic design.060927

  1. Tools
  2. Research
  3. Examples
  4. Action items

MarketingSherpa: How an Email Newsletter to Ultra-Busy Execs Gets up to 73% Clickthroughs (Hint: No Articles), 2006-Sep-22 ($9 after Oct 2)

"Our mantra is no long and boring articles. They don't need theory. They need tools." ...

  • Tools might be pre-written sales letters (in word) for specific situations, or a pre-created survey to use with clients.
  • Research ...[is not a white paper but] a pie chart highlighting a single useful factoid of immediate impact on their business....
  • Real-life examples [show] what works in marketing from their own peers
  • Action items [will spotlight an industry trend and recommend how to use it or handle it.]

"Depending on the issue, our unique opens range between 50%-70%. Over the last four issues, unique clicks have bounced around depending on topic, from 25%-73%." [says Senior VP Mark Michaud.]