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Ce_15 When the internet media company Flavorpill got together with Anheuser-Busch, they didn't just place Budweiser Select ads on the sites or in the email newsletters which go out to hip urbanites looking for the coolest music and art shows. Instead, Anheuser-Busch funded the work of several artists to decorate the site and emails with beautiful images that contain understated references to the Budweiser Select logo. You can see all the artwork at BusinessWeek Jon Fine says that it's unusual for a media outlet to produce ads for a marketers, but newspapers create ads for their local clients all the time. What's really amazing is the breath-taking quality of the artwork. Were the artists happy to use the logo in exchange for exposure?

Flavorpill co-founder Sascha Lewis got his audience involved, too. Now they are voting on which artist should have their work for Select translated onto billboards.


This project is more than a "blurring of the line between media and agency." It's an amazing collaboration that benefits the players in every direction.

BusinessWeek: The Accidental Ad Agency, 2006-Sep-4, by Jon Fine

"One of the goals," says Lewis, is "to create as close as possible a seamless relationship between the media partner, aka the advertiser, and our content and our product." The Web "has created a [more] collaborative effort between the media vehicle and the creative content...than any medium in the past," says Tony Ponturo, vice-president of global media and sports marketing for Anheuser-Busch.