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Print and Email Symbiosis

Lt I just got a glimpse of the future. 1to1 Media sent me an email "preview" about their print magazine which is supposed to arrive in my mail box in a few days. Now, I'm sure they are not the first magazine to do this, but this is the first time I've noticed. The cover story was available for me to read immediately, but there were few other live links in the email, except the ones from their advertisers. I expect that the preview email will be a commonplace tactic for magazines who want to keep their audience engaged.060830 By the way, 1to1 Media also sends as email version of the monthly magazine as well.

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1to1 Media is dedicated to helping organizations realize the greatest value from their customer base. We provide resources that deliver current and relevant information on the latest thought leadership regarding customer strategy and marketplace trends. Our goal is to serve as the catalyst that will inspire senior executives to drive change within their organizations, making customer-based initiatives the centerpiece of their growth strategy and competitive advantage.