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Negotiating Shoppers' Attention

Em_19 Mediacart is carefully testing and slowly launching the next generation shopping cart, with a healthy respect for the brutal environment it will enter: the grocery store and the parking lot. The ruggedized video display (no audio) will show no more advertising than the company has verified can be absorbed by most shoppers. 060831 They realize they have to improve the overall shopping experience.

Advertising Age: Research Team Develops Shopping-Cart Ad System, 2006-Aug-30, by Mya Frazier

One of the company's findings: 87% of the 150 shoppers surveyed said they would choose a retailer equipped with Mediacart over one without the carts. The reason: "They enabled them to get out of the store more quickly," Mr. Kramer said, because an on-screen navigation tool allowed them to find the aisles where, say, anchovies, ketchup or razors were stocked.