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Helio Upgrades Cell Phone Buying Experience

Ce_12 A joint venture of a South Korean telecom, Helio is offering a higher-priced cell phone service that includes both multimedia services and integration with MySpace. Now in addition to offering a more sophisticated cell phone experience, they are providing a more up-to-date cell-phone buying experience. Helio Set to Open Cellphone Stores For the Tech Savvy, 2006-Aug-14, by Shawn Young

060814a The stores won't resemble traditional cellphone stores, the company said. Instead they will feature lounges, a "Q&A bar," video screens, multiplayer games and live demonstrations by content providers such as game makers. "We want people to hang out," said Jackie Foo, senior director of retail stores for Helio. Helio currently sells its phones and service online, and in record stores, campus bookstores and boutiques popular with hip, well-heeled customers.