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Reaching Out to Mobile Phones

Festival Audiences Get Digital Options

Cgm_3 At the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, the audience could watch the band the normal way, or sit in a tent and see it on a big flat-screeen TV, or watch it later at AT&T Blueroom. The organizers seem to be trying out every digital connection they can build with their fans and attendees, and like the rest of the music industry, ditching the middle men, including music critics.

060817 Hartford Courant: Is It Live, Or is It internet?, 2006-Aug-13, by Eric R. Danton

Bloggers had a high profile at Lollapalooza, as the festival offered credentials to about 20 them, sometimes to the exclusion of daily newspapers (including this one) that reach exponentially larger audiences than those who read diary-style Web postings. Although it was a frustrating publicity strategy for smaller mainstream media outlets, it was a clever move: The young people in the festival's key demographic are more likely to troll the Internet for news about Lollapalooza than to look in newspapers.