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T-Mobile VIP Events

Nr_3 Luxury brands have long courted customers with VIP events, but now mainstream marketers like T-Moblie are sponsoring intimate events where customers can bring their friends and see hot bands in off-beat venues. These events have limited reach, especially since they are not publicized beyond the inner circle. As a method of influencing influentials and creating community, they may pay a high return. I would say they will have to keep track of this audience and how much they advocate the brand in the future.

060724b BBC NEWS | Business: Brands take new ideas underground, 2006-Jul-20, by Simon Atkinson (via MediaPost Marketing Daily)

Although the Street Gigs typically have only 50 to 500 people, T-Mobile says they still represent good value for the marketing budget. "We know that people are telling two or three friends about the gigs, so word of mouth is growing hugely," Ms Harrison says. "The feedback we are getting is people saying they felt like VIP's. They never thought they would see these kinds of bands in such usual kinds of places."