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United Way Twin Cities Segments Donors but Doesn't Pigeon-hole Them

Cb_4 The Greater Twin Cities United Way (Minneapolis/St. Paul) has some of the best marketing practices I've seen. Realizing that people wanted to be more involved they studied and segmented their donors based on behavior, but they didn't then limit the donors' options. They set up programs that would appeal to the existing segments, then marketed all the programs to all donors. Everyone can select their favorite way to participate.

Inside1to1: United Way Creates Donor Communities, 2006-Jun-26, by Alissa Pepe

060626 For example, a 35-year-old-donor has an opportunity to join an Emerging Leaders program, even though she might be [demographically] part of the Young Achievers group. ...

"Participation usually leads to a stronger interest and relationship," [Sandy] Clifford [director of marketing technology and IT] says. For instance, the Emerging Leaders group recently held a wine tasting event. Four-hundred people attended, allowing those in the group to network and build the community.