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All Snapple, All the Time

Ss Snapple will be sole sponsor of a radio station for two months. DJs will announce Snapple as the audience "benefactor" and no other advertising except concert announcements will run.

Why: To bond with the hard-to-reach market of 18- to 39-year olds, tying in with music events and monopolizing the give-aways at all radio promotional events during the period.


Where: Boston and adjacent areas, with online and related media support. Other promotions include a "guitarmeter" placed outside a convenience store in Copley Square where, if the temperature is over 85 degrees at noon, passers-by will get free Snapple beverages.

When: Memorial Day through July 4.

NY Times: A Station With a One-of-a-Kind Campaign: All Snapple, All the Time, 2006-May-25, by Stuart Elliott (free reg, $article a few weeks after pub date)

Such initiatives offer marketers "a high level of presence, but also deliver something to the consumer," said Jay Coleman, president at EMCI in New York, an agency that works on projects for Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages.

"The concept is to weave Snapple through the fabric of WFNX," he added, "in a way that fits the personality of the station and the brand."