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AT&T Recruiting Demonstrators in the Neighborhood

Co-Marketing and Shopping Advice

Um_2 Best Buy will offer some confused shoppers assistance from Blender magazine and the magazine will have a special section in the fall advising college student which technology products to buy at Best Buy. While only a certain part of Best Buy's audience will care, this looks like a very sensible strategy.

Advertising Age - MediaWorks: 'Blender' Stakes Out Shelf Space in Best Buy, 2006-Jun-27, by Meredith Deliso (via AAF Smartbrief)060628

Over 600 Best Buy stores now feature "Blender Approved" sections, where editors of the magazine recommend new music every month. Each pick features a Blender-stylized review explaining why the CD is a "best buy." "We're a trusted brand name that could lead people to buy CDs that are not top 30 on the charts," said Lee Rosenbaum, Blender publisher. Having that trust is "where we want to be," he said.