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Coke Turning Vending Machines into Experience Machines

Ce_3 As part of the ongoing push to squeeze the maximum amount of productivity out of every inch of the universe, Coca-Cola is demanding more "consumer experience" from its vending machines. I'm not really outraged--it seems nice to be able to get a free gift from the machine after you buy your beverage. I'm not so sure about new dynamic displays on the front of the machine. I suspect they will also be noisier.

Financial Times: Coke slots in extras to new machines, 2006-Jun-26, by Jenny Wiggins (via

060629a The Cokefridge machine, on display at the CIES world food business conference in Paris last week, has an interactive screen that runs advertisements, and allows users to obtain free photos, games, logos and ringtones after they have bought a drink. Users type a numerical code inscribed inside the cap of the drink into the interactive screen to get access to the photos and games. The interactive screen says: "Available here: Cool mobile logos. SMS and ringtones and exciting mobile games. Every Coke and every Code is an experience!" Drinks available for purchase include bottled water as well as soft drinks.