Audience Chooses Efficiency over Serendipity
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Instant Network from P&G

060510 When entering a new market, it can take a long time to build up an audience who will give you reliable feedback about your new product. Now P&G is selling a business service that will provide an audience who's already predisposed to talk and talk back. Instead of focus groups and surveys, can you find a community that wants to become the "lead users" of your product? May 2006 trend briefing

P&G also recently rebranded its Tremor Moms program to Vocalpoint. In their own words: ‘’Vocalpoint is a unique marketing brand powered by the Procter & Gamble Company that helps companies do a better job developing products and services that moms care about and want to talk about. We work with this influential group of moms to help companies in industries that include entertainment, fashion, music, food and beauty. We collect feedback and generate valuable knowledge and insight for our clients through surveys, product sampling and previews of products and services.”