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Helping your Audience Make Decisions

Um_1Why? As our target audiences become more sophisticated, they choose to attend to only marketing they find useful. They ignore self-serving messages. Check out this message at from online marketer ZoomAndGo:


Context:  An awareness is emerging that effective marketing campaigns must establish trust much earlier in the game. The assumption, "It must be true or they couldn't say it," has been eroded to "Everyone just says what they think I want to hear." To be credible these days, you have to start by hooking into credible sources and present a message whose truth is easily verified.

The Diving Board: In a recent presentation, public relations strategist Elizabeth Albrycht emphasized how corporations have to find new ways to convey goodwill toward their customers and demonstrate their trustworthiness.

CorporatePR: Remarks from Demos Evening, 2006-May-15, by Elizabeth Albrycht

What I am proposing is a different way of practicing communications, which can transform it into a tool for consumer or citizen decision making. This type of decision making is not based not on one source or reputation, but is rather a product of many sources, a triangulation, if you will, of positions.

Next?  How do the messages you're putting out fit in with what the audience is doing and hearing? Do you reference other resources or tell a story they can verify easily?