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060420 Jim Cannella of House of Blues makes it sound like fun to get marketing text messages on your cell phone. I wonder if we'll need even more control of the messages on the phone than we have over the email inbox. For instance, will I be able to say "HOB messages only after 6 pm"?

Target Marketing Magazine: TM Tipline - 4/18/06 - Jim Cannella on Mobile Marketing by Irene Cherkassky

A lot of what we’re doing with Soapbox so far has been with the simple messages. You [the customer] send an artist’s name to a code [from HOB], and you can receive band information back. We’ve also done a lot of promotional contests. While you’re waiting in line outside, you can sign up for a chance to meet the band or for a chance to win a shirt or a phone.

We recently did a tour with the band Lifehouse. At the bottom of all the [Lifehouse] print ads that ran around the country, we had a call to action that said to receive tour updates, text a keyword into a code. The message the user received back was “confirming that you’re opting in to receive information.” In our limited testing, we found that to be pretty exciting for fans, and we’re going to roll that into a much bigger thing. If I can scan and compare my Soapbox Media database and my list of existing members, link those two up, then I can get a bigger picture of [my customers]. That’s when I’ll figure out when to opt [customers] into a regular dialogue.