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Assembling a Customer Advisory Board

SourceTool Enlists Customer Help in Building a Better B2B Directory

060414a As technology evolves, B2B suppliers are always re-aligning their product lines. It's hard for a B2B directory to keep up...unless you give them the tools and ask them to build it themselves. What we lose in ease of use we more than make up in flexibility.

Direct magazine: SourceTool Wants You to Help Build a Directory by Brian Quinton, April 12, 2006

When Thomas Publishing elected last August to put the plug on ThomasB2B, its business-supply directory joint venture with FindWhat (now Miva), the three top executives at the project were left holding onto their vision of what an online directory for businesses could be. That notion wasn’t exactly the one Thomas had been shooting for, but Dan Savage, Michael Doyle and Dennis Jones thought it was time to put it to a real-world test.

Now has been up and running for about five months, and the real world’s verdict is in: You can operate a business directory that doesn’t sell its own ads and relies on businesses to do a lot of the heavy lifting in matters of taxonomy and categorization—the things that are necessary for SourceTool’s algorithm to find what searchers are looking for.