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Small Biz Owners CAN Use TV

060404 In an earlier post we mentioned a new service called Spot Runner. Now Brad Kriser, owner of The Barking Lot dog care facility in Chicago has tried it and is impressed.

BusinessWeek: See Spot Run by Kate Hazelwood, Spring 2006 Smallbiz Front Line

For two weeks in November, Kriser gave it a try, running 30-second ads 144 times on networks including ABC Family, Lifetime, and Animal Planet, all in his local market. While his ad didn't look cheap, it came cheap, considering the results. In the three weeks during and immediately after his campaign, calls to The Barking Lot were up 20% to 30%. Kriser received a discount for participating in Spot Runner's pilot program, but without it, the ads would have cost him $1,700.

Don't rule out a medium. Instead keep your eyes open for the ways in which technology is bring all forms of communication within reach.