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Online Publishers Branch Out into Other Media

060419As traditional publishers and media channels are frantically building out their web sites, online publishers are moving off the web. WebMD is producing a magazine for doctors offices. BusinessWeek Online, and CNet have both decided to videotape their experts and distribute the clips to the new video on demand systems being developed by the cable companies. I expect some of these media brands will become ubiquitous across all platforms and some will find they do better be sticking with the platform where they started. One thing I think we will all find is that as so much information is coming at us from so many different directions, we'll become even more reliant on media brand names to help us decide how reliable the information is.

ClickZ News: About Embarks on Web Video Mission through TV Partnership by Kate Kaye, April 11, 2006

Expo... pairs product demonstrations and expert guidance in its TV programming with "Videopinions" provided by consumers who upload their own product review videos onto the Expo TV site. Expo viewers will see About video clips featured in the "Consumer Tips" category, along with other on-demand content categories....Suggested Daphne Kwon, CEO of Expo TV, "We can help brands establish themselves through video building this consumer-friendly TV outlet. Multiple platforms are better than a single platform."

MediaDailyNews: Custom Publishing Accelerates, Outpaces Conventional Mags - 04/10/2006 by Erik Sass

"Going in a different direction," The Magazine Group also produces "a million-circulation magazine for [online health portal] WebMD, to extend its brand into waiting rooms," Ottenberg said. "WebMD is a good example because this is a two-pronged effort--extending their brand into print, but also bringing advertising in and making it a business."

OnlineMediaDaily: CNET Taps Cox, TiVo To Reach Couch Potatoes - 04/17/2006 by Gavin O'Malley

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY PUBLISHER CNET TODAY will announce plans to move into traditional media, with deals to supply content to three video-on-demand TV networks. Through partnerships with Cox Commutations, TiVo Inc., and TVN Entertainment, CNET is offering paid TV subscribers a range of ad-supported content, including gadget reviews, news reports, trend stories, and user-generated video. The new CNET TV also exists as a standalone Web site, where consumers can draw from various topic channels to program their viewing experiences. Interactive tools let users engage with the site's editorial staff, and share their customized play lists with friends. Best Buy's Geek Squad brand has signed on as a CNET TV charter sponsor, its ads appearing both online and on TV.


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