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Current TV helps Structure Consumer-Generated Ads

060303_1 Okay, says Current TV, let's get this consumer-generated advertising thing organized! They sign up sponsors like Sony who are willing to review consumer-generated ads at no obligation to use them. They let people know all the legal stuff and get the sponsor to promise payment if the consumer's ad does get heavy usage. Excellent use of Current's special position in the emerging media universe!

Current Studio // Resources // FAQ. (via SmartBrief)

How does V-CAM work? • It’s a viewer-created commercial for our sponsors that runs on Current TV • A V-CAM can be any length up to 3 minutes. (3 seconds, 17 seconds, 73 seconds….whatever!) • For every V-CAM that goes to air, you’ll get $1,000! • If your V-CAM does air on Current and the sponsor of your V-CAM wants to show it in other places beyond Current TV, you’ll get anywhere between $5,000 and $50,000, depending on where they show it....

Plus, they have an excellent common sense answer why you can't submit ads for companies which are not participating in the program, yet.

You love [Brand X]. Everybody loves [Brand X]. But the V-CAM program depends on the support of specific advertising sponsors –- companies cool enough to sign up for a radically new model of production. So no, V-CAMs can’t be commercials for random products or brands; they have to sync up with one of our sponsors.

But if there’s a brand you think you should be one of those sponsors –- let us know! And more importantly, let them know!