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060329 CNN has been struggling with declining ratings and viewer involvement, and as they reinvent themselves, they've created a new type of programming for a show called Welcome to the Future. As the media landscape evolves, you can expect to see many more unique sponsorship opportunities like this one. Or maybe you should go to local media outlet and suggest one.

Brandweek: Johnson & Johnson Places Sponsorship Bet on CNN's Future by Anthony Crupi of Mediaweek, March 27, 2006

As part of an ongoing effort to create additional programming environments for its advertisers, CNN has signed Johnson & Johnson to be the exclusive sponsor of Welcome to the Future, a showcase examining how technology is changing all aspects of American life that will run as a regular interstitial feature as well as an hour-long quarterly special in prime time. Hosted by American Morning anchor Miles O’Brien, the short features will run across all dayparts on CNN, Headline News and CNN Airport Network....

Greg D’Alba, COO of CNN ad sales and marketing, said the J&J deal offers clients multiple platforms in which they can “engage the consumer, sell their product and build their brand image.” D’Alba said that 80% of CNN’s upfront deals last year were integrated, a trend he expects to continue this year. “This may be the last upfront where the linear model exists, with everything hinging on ratings points and cost-per-thousands,” D’Alba said.