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Marketing Australia with a Cheeky Beauty

060224_2 This elegantly produced new campaign by Australia Tourism is descirbed in news stories as more shocking than it appears when you actually watch the spots. I suspect they want to produce some 'buzz' that will cause people to pay closer attention when these spots air. I find them very entertaining, and I hope this complex strategy pays off for them.

Reuters: Australia Swears by New Campaign.

The new campaign, which can be seen on Tourism Australia's Web site (www.wherethebloodyhellareyou.com), features a series of Australian backdrops. It begins with characters saying: "We've poured you a beer and we've had the camels shampooed, we've saved you a spot on the beach ... and we've got the sharks out of the pool." A bikini-clad woman then asks: "So where the bloody hell are you?".