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New Ways to Interact with Commercials

When we think about interactive TV campaigns, we usually think people will see the TV commercial and then go to the web site. Now Home Depot and Cadbury Schweppes are driving audiences from the web site to see the commerical.

NY Times: Want a Prize? Just Watch This Commercial, Please by Stuart Elliott and Julie Boseman

060227aAfter watching the three [Home Depot] commercials online, users could vote for their favorite from early Saturday, Feb. 18, through late Sunday, Feb. 19. The commercial that garnered the most votes was to be chosen to appear on TV beginning today.

Home Depot was encouraged by the results: 453,700 votes were cast at the Web site. "Consumers are in control these days and want to pick and choose what they watch," said Roger Adams, senior vice president for marketing at Home Depot in Atlanta....

The Dentyne line of gum sold by Cadbury Schweppes is also seeking to involve consumers in its TV advertising with a twist on the Home Depot idea: one commercial, with three potential endings.

Will these type of activities increase brand loyalty? If they are part of an overall strong customer experience, they can.