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Home Depot Goes Online in Store

060222 The "endless aisle" is being tested at Home Depot with internet kiosks that allow you to use the web site while you're in the store, or the mall or wherever. Assuming they can track the online sales rung up at any specific kiosk, we should see them testing more of these and moving them around to just the right spot for maximum usage and sales.

Reuters: Home Depot moves to expand online sales by Karen Jacobs

The plan includes company-branded kiosks where consumers can surf and buy goods at any time wherever they are, be that a Home Depot store, mega-mall or maybe even an airport. Such self-service kiosks are already being tested in 50 Home Depot stores and at two Georgia malls.

"As shoppers become increasingly time starved, they are looking to shop any time, anywhere," said Harvey Seegers, president of Home Depot Direct, the 1,000-employee division that handles online and catalog sales.

Why not "sponsor" a kiosk at an airport, where you get to surf for ten minutes for every 30-second ad you view? In our homes, advertising-supported internet access was unbearable, but in other places it may be just the ticket.