Energizer Institutionalizes the Brand Image
New Ways to Interact with Commercials

Faith Popcorn Announces the Age of Cultural Marketing

060227At the end of last year, trend watcher Faith Popcorn published an article about the 'death of advertising.' Twin problems: the splintering of audiences across media and the sinking credibility of most advertising messages, have led her to recommend that companies move into sponsoring activities for their target audience.

Chief Executive: Cultural Relevance by Faith Popcorn

You can buy media, but you must invest in culture. Consider Tylenol, a brand that my colleagues and I have worked with over the past few years. Executives at Tylenol wanted to improve their ability to reach 18- to 29-year-olds. So we delved into the culture of this demographic.

Recognizing that pain was frequent companion in many athletic recreational activities, Tylenol set out to connect with people who risk injury. The Tylenol Bowl skate boarding video is still accessible, although "Ouch. The Website" is being redeveloped.