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Energizer Institutionalizes the Brand Image

060224a_1 Having a brand image built around a character strength is a natural advantage. Realizing that nobody doesn't admire persistance, Energizer has established the "Keep Going Hall of Fame." The annual solicitation and induction of new members is a long-lasting campaign platform.

Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame (via Extra Texture)

We all know people who continually go above and beyond. People who have shown uparalleled determination and tireless spirit - ordinary people with extraordinary attitude and energy. The Energizer "Keep Going" Hall of Fame was designed as a way to celebrate these stories and to meet the people who inspire us all to keep going. Who Belongs In The Hall Of Fame? Ordinary people with extraordinary spirit, determination, and courage. They never give up. They keep going, just like the Energizer Bunny. It could be your child or parent, a student or a teacher, the mailman, a co-worker or a dear friend - anyone you feel deserves recognition for their shining example of endurance, determination and perseverance.

Don't overlook the opportunity to build community around the universal vales associated with your brand.