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Corporate Web sites get Stickier

The Mudds are countered by Hurra Torpedo

051229 The Jeep web site featuring fictional Jeep-loving family The Mudds has been admired here, but I think I like Ford's campaign even more. Instead of inventing a strange group of people, they hooked up with the adorable Norwegian pop group Hurra Torpedo, who play their music on kitchen appliances, zippers, concrete and other everyday non-musical instruments. Those videos are really engaging.

Autoblog: Ford tries yet another tactic to sell some Fusions by Erin Mays

The site offers readers the chance to win a Fusion, as well as view "rockumentaries" (read: mockumentaries invented by J. Walter Thompson and Kurt Gunn and Associates) featuring the trials and tribulations of Egil, Aslag and Kristopher on their U.S. tour... plus ample opportunities to watch the guys hammering apart crappy American kitchen appliances.