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Hotels Showing Off their Appliances

051227b Appliance and furniture makers are getting into the hotel business as a way for consumers to try living with their products, and hopefully falling in love with them. How Much Is That Faucet In the Honeymoon Suite? by Cheryl Lu-Lien-Tan (subscription required

Attorney Ashley Young says she became a Viking fan after spending a weekend at the [Viking Range-owned] Alluvian [Hotel] last month with some friends. Ms. Young took a cooking class at the hotel, during which she and her friends spent four hours swilling wine while chopping, blending, roasting and baking -- all in a kitchen outfitted entirely with Viking appliances. "We had so much fun we all said we wanted to go back and bring our moms," says Ms. Young, who lives in Jackson, Miss. "I definitely want Viking appliances now."