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Brands Plug into Customer Concerns


Over at ChiefMarketer, they have a wonderful set of followup stories for some of their most popular stories of 2005. The Mitsubishi story (free gasoline) and the Bluefly story are both particularly sharp and unusual examples of companies drawing their audience closer. What Happened Next: Following Up Some of the Year's Stories by Tim Parry (image is snipped from a photo by Buck Ennis, copyright Crain's New York Business Photo Gallery)

[Bluefly CEO Melissa Payner] also discovered that customers want to communicate with brands. Two e-mail surveys asking customers "why do you shop" had excellent clickthrough rates, and both were answered by more than 85% of openers. The direct and cable/print campaign had a financial impact for the retailer, too. November sales were up 60% vs. the previous year, and October sales were up 53%.