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Ads on the School Bus: Missing Opportunity

051227c Some people are upset about school districts selling advertising on school buses, but I think districts and advertisers should recognize they have a special opportunity. If an advertiser wants to show their support of the community and education, they can develop special ads. Unfortunately, what's more likely to happen is ordinary transit advertising, as pictured here. Advertisers Catch the School Bus by Emily Bazar

“This will spread across the nation, because there's so much money that will come into schools as a result of doing this,” says Daniel Shearer, director of transportation at the Scottsdale Unified School District. The Arizona city just outside Phoenix began displaying ads on the sides of its buses last December. Advertisers include real estate agencies, a local toy store and an ambulance company. The district anticipates the ads will bring in $300,000 this year and up to $900,000 in a few years. But some consumer groups and parents are alarmed. They say America's children — already bombarded by ads — shouldn't become captive audiences on their way to and from school.