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This new campaign from Diet Coke falls under my category of "useful marketing." Since the campaign has just launched, it's too early to tell if people will really latch onto it, but it's a terrific idea. You can actually sign up to have 'lighter note' Reuters news sent to your cell phone by Diet Coke. I like that better than inspirational quotes.

iMedia Connection: Anatomy of an RSS Breakthrough.

When Diet Coke came to Reuters they were, "interested in doing some type of campaign on a news site that would reach the kind of audience that Reuters has to offer," said Bernard. However, "they were a little hesitant to be around news that wasn't fantastic." RSS solves the problem For Diet Coke, Reuters devised a way to match the "softer news" they were already collecting with the product's image.

Using an RSS feed, these news stories were served into Diet Coke display ads across the internet. Beneath the message, "On a Lighter Note brought to you by Diet Coke," internet users could read headlines like, "Cereal may be best breakfast for the waistline," or "Inspired by wheelbarrow, BIC sells 100 billionth pen." After clicking on one of the headlines, users would find themselves within at a Diet Coke-branded page.

"Basically, this content is already on our available roster, it's a matter of pulling it into one area and creating a user experience," said Bernard. "But we did something really cool and different… which was allowing an advertiser to use that content within their own ad unit to create an interesting type of campaign."