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iMedia Connection Opens a Dialogue

051103_1iMedia Connections is quickly growing into one of the most vibrant sites for news on the leading edge of marketing. Editor Brad Berens responded enthusiastically to comments by myself and another blogger about the appearance of "pay for play" in a recent article (see previous posting). I don't believe they sold an editorial placement, but they may have to make a sacrifice here or there in the future to maintain their credibility.

iMedia Connection: From the Executive Editor's Desk by Brad Berens

We do not sell features. Nor did WhenU attempt to disguise an ad as a piece of editorial. I invited Bill Day to contribute that terrific piece and met with him about it outside of the context of WhenU's sponsorship of the section. Sponsorships happen on the sales side of iMedia Communications. If editorial is church then sales is state, and the two are separate. When Bill's piece arrived, it could have gone into a number of sections: industry issues, behavioral marketing in consumer strategies or its eventual home in desktop applications. Ultimately, in my opinion and in the opinion of the other folks I consulted, it fit best in desktop applications. We put content where the readers who are interested in it can most easily find it. iMedia's mission is to advance interactive media and marketing (you can read the full text of our mission statement here), and as a part of that mission we work hard to get the best and brightest to share their thoughts with us.

This week they are meeting their goals with two excellent interviews, one with John Battelle and the other with Guy Kawasaki. Read more about the Kawasaki interview at my blog for innovators: