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We spend so much time trying to anticipate what people will like that we sometimes forget to notice what they like. At Lifetime, Lisa Black didn't make that mistake.

NY Times: The Grandchildren of 'The Golden Girls' by Julie Bosman

After nearly 200,000 people registered for a "Golden Girls" online newsletter, the network realized that the fan base was skewing younger, said Lisa Black, vice president of business and marketing development at Lifetime. A large portion of the respondents were in high school or college and visited the Web site,, with surprising regularity, she said. "We thought based on who the fans are, and the fact that they're technologically savvy, to really leverage the desire they have for any new content with these ladies," Ms. Black said. "We really designed it with our fan base in mind." ... the "Lifetime Video Lounge," features "Golden Girls" clips and a series of testimonial vignettes from fans of the show.