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Audi, Volvo, AT&T Satisfied with Blog Advertising

Budget's Innovative Campaign with Bloggers Succeeds

051125_1Stuart Elliott has an excellent recap of the good results of the Budget Rent-a-car campaign which brought together all sorts of blogging resources. Hasbro has been encouraged to try their own innovative campaign using classified ads instead of blogs.

One of the important things to realize about these wonderfully creative campaigns is that they are not high-risk for these advertisers. The marketers are siphoning off a fraction of what they now have to spend to reach a mass market and using that money more efficiently to find a highly engaged audience that will spread even more word-of-mouth support for the brand.

NY Times: Placing Ads in Some Surprising Spaces by Stuart Elliott

Budget turned to blogs to promote a contest with a scavenger hunt motif, buying advertisements on 177 blogs bearing names like BuzzMachine, Gizmodo, Jossip, Largehearted Boy, Overheard in New York, Stereogum and The Superficial.

And beginning next week, Hasbro will sponsor an unconventional series of make-believe classified ads to promote a new version of its Monopoly board game. The classifieds will appear in newspapers read by consumers shopping for cars, houses and boats. Although the ads will resemble those that sell cars, houses and boats, the "merchandise" is actually in the form of tokens from the new Monopoly 70th anniversary edition.