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When Behavioral Marketing Makes Sense

051031_1These are the eyes of a man who runs a company famous for placing adware on people's computers. Do you trust him? Well, as a database marketer I've always been more accepting than most people when it comes to advertisers tracking my behavior. Despite frequent complaints from my pc-health software, I had the Alexa toolbar installed for years. I kept thinking it would start serving me more relevant searches based on my past behavior, but it never happened.

Those are the eyes of Bill Day, a veteran of the Internet who co-founded and came to WhenU to help clean up its reputation. iMedia Connection features a column from him that looks like 'pay for play.' WhenU ads run all around it.

That acknowledged--I agree with everything he says. If you want to understand the beneficial role that permission-based, behavior-tracking advertising can play in your this article.

iMedia Connection: What You Get When You Get Permission by Bill Day

So now my windshield is still really dirty, and my aversion to squeegee guys in general has deepened (it's a good thing he didn't come at my windshield with a dirty rag or I might've been tempted to deck him). Even though he targeted me with precision and was ready to provide me with something I desperately needed at exactly the right moment, I told him to get lost. No one touches my car without getting my explicit permission first. Most people feel about their computers the same way I feel about my car: don't touch it without asking me first -- even if you're going to provide something you know I want. So relevance isn't everything. Without trust, relevance doesn't mean much.