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Measuring the Success of Interactive Ads

051021An excellent article at the Newsweek web site sums up the value of interactive ads with lots of results and analyses from actual campaigns reported. Pictured at left is a snapshot from the Gap's Watch Me Change interactive site which allows the audience to dress an animated character of their body type and then send the image to friends. (The silhouetted strip tease is just added extra entertainment.) When their success--and the methods of success are becoming well known--these web sites reach a very high level of audience engagement. Experts are predicting that one day all TV commercials may be measured by how many viewers visit the web site afterwards.

Newsweek/ New Ad Age by Susanna Schrobsdorff

One of most enticing of this genre allows fans to insert themselves, Zelig-like, into a clip from the movie "Wedding Crashers" from New Line Cinema. Thanks to some snazzy technology, the film's Web site lets viewers "crash the trailer" by uploading digital photos of themselves (or anyone else) so that it looks like they are carousing with stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

Visitors to the site have so far created 200,000 personalized trailers since the hit comedy's premier this summer. And New Line reports that the custom trailers got more than three times as many viewings as the official trailer (3.3 million versus 1 million) because people forwarded their masterpieces to friends.