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Blogging for Visibility

EhobbiesAn article at DM News has two excellent case histories with ROI reporting on retailers using blogs to improve conversion and customer involvement on their sites. Blogs and Bling Bling by Christopher Heine

"One of the great side effects of blogs is that they are search engine friendly," said Seth Greenberg, CEO of, La Mirada, CA. "Once we realized this, we made a point to include better descriptions in blog posts. We look at blogs as an extension of our organic search engine marketing strategy. Paid keyword placements are costly and must be managed responsibly. We have thousands of products, so the more we show up organically in search, the less we need to rely on pay per click."  ...

"The page impressions tell us that people are spending more time at the site because of the blogs and are more likely to both purchase and come back," Gniwisch [of] said. "The investment to blogs has paid off in the sales coming from them. However, we are not necessarily looking at sales as the end-all barometer. We are also looking at the whole package: PR, site ranking, traffic and being in the forefront of online marketing."

To make the effort click, uses four freelance writers who invented characters like "Icegrrl" and "Rahulio" at the retailer's chief blog destination, The fictitious entities hold court daily with a range of opinions on celebrity gossip and news, but the articles always end with a jewelry pitch.