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Tickle_logo_from_home_pageI heard about the Tickle web site and thought, "how cute." Well, it's growing up into quite the strapping teenager, perhaps soon to grow into a influential media professional. Tickle is now owned by Monster Worldwide, but shows no signs of being absorbed. In fact, the founders are flexing their power and expertise by creating a new media service called Tickle Grapevine. Grapevine brings together several major new social networking web sites and provides a suite of advertising tools including viral videos, interactive quizzes, emai tags, and programs like Brand Connector, described below.

However, I couldn't go on by without drawing your attention to Tickle's About Us at a Glance page which includes the Founders' Mission: Connecting People through Fun and Science. Gotta luv 'em.

Tickle Grapevine: Brand Connector (via iMedia Connection)

We introduce a little friendly competition to the "how well do you know me" routine and connect your brand to the entertaining experience. Users answer an interactive question related to your product, and the "Vote" button automatically connects them to a custom-branded landing page with results. Users can then guess how their friends will answer and send them the poll. Their friends will receive an email inviting them to see if their friend guessed their answer correctly. It's a fun, interactive experience between friends with your brand at the center of it.