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Marketers Challenged to Own their Media

Strawberryfrog_1Rebel agency StrawberryFrog just won the Heineken account and is interviewed in the Wall St. Journal. Most of the article is about how agencies need to change, but the StrawberryFrog creative chief makes a telling point about how marketers ought to place their message into media. He says they should look for opportunities to 'own the media': sponsorships, branded entertainment, micro web sites, etc. Questions for ... Scott Goodson by Christopher Lawton (subscription required)

With the reality of media explosions and the Internet, StrawberryFrog prefers to invent our own media opportunities that clients can own.

Scott also has a wonderful statement about why StrawberryFrog won't be a typical flame-in, flame-out advertising boutique:

StrawberryFrog is a movement. It is not a business. We are all having the most fun we have ever had. We are really turning the industry on its head, working in a new way. It is really motivating. So you'll be talking to me hopefully when I am 115. We are here to stay. I think you get burnt out when you are just a business.