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Grey, Panasonic Skate to Where the Puck Will Be...at Christmas

PanasonicangelPanasonic and Grey Advertising share how they developed an advertising campaign which avoided their competitors and sent their market share from 21 to 55%. I recommend the whole article, but you'll probably have to be registered (free) at AdWeek to read it. (The dancing angel, left, is from the Panasonic web site, but I'm not sure if he's in a commercial.)

Adweek: Grey, Panasonic Share Campaign Insights by Kathlen Sampey

Instead of buying media for the new campaign during the fourth-quarter holiday season, which is when electronics brands do their heaviest messaging, Mandel and his team decided to buy heavily in April and May and on radio. The reasons were threefold: entertainment electronics, especially TVs, are used every day; by advertising heavily in those months, the brand message would resonate more because competitors advertise more heavily in the fourth quarter; and running ads on radio during the evening rush hour drive time made consumers think more about the TV they were going home to watch, Mandel said.

The radio ads gave TV listings for programming that was being broadcast in high-definition, said Greenberg, which raised awareness about which channels had that capability and drove awareness and curiosity about Panasonic's plasma-screen televisions.