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Innovation on Horizon for Business Media

LipmanAlan Webber and William Taylor may finally see the business publications picking up on some of their ideas. Joanne Lipman created the Personal Journal at the WSJ. And David Carey worked briefly at Gruner & Jahr on Fast Company and Inc. I predict the development of the business lifestyle magazine. It's been a long time since working was glamorous!

NY Times: Conde Nast Plans Business Magazine and Web Site by Louise Story

Advertising is down at the three major business magazines - BusinessWeek, Fortune and Forbes - but Conde Nast officials are confident they can find a market. They have hired the deputy managing editor of The Wall Street Journal, Joanne Lipman, to lead the editorial effort, and are moving David Carey, publisher of The New Yorker magazine, another Conde Nast publication, to run a new business group that will oversee the new ventures, as well as others still being determined.