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TV Programming Schedules are History

I enjoy the fatalistic sound of the clipping below. Why do we have to watch our shows when the networks says? On the other hand, I think that at the same time normal TV programming goes 'on demand,' we'll see a rise in 'event programming' where we all look forward to seeing something new together, such as a concert or a debut. This will satisfy our desire to be 'the first to see it' sometimes. Yes, I think scheduled programming will be focused on release dates, live events, etc.

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Widespread use of VOD and DVRs is conditioning consumers to expect content instantly and the services they want, when they want them, which will force television in particular to shift from scheduled time-channel distribution to on-demand specific searches. As VOD-based interactive advertising comes of age and interactive interfaces, or content search guides, are built into media infrastructure, obstacles will fall and the transition will occur.