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You can't read the new issue of Fast Company online unless you've paid for the issue, but Tim Manner extracts some juicy tidbits at Cool News of the Day. Confederate Motor Co. is designing motorcycles like their sanity depends on it.

Reveries: Teaching Harley-Davidson a Lesson from Bill Breen at Fast Company via Tim Manners

"The more we diminish money as our chief goal, the more passion we can put into our efforts," he says, adding: "Passion gives the motorcycle its life force. You can literally feel it coming off of the machine." Confederate hopes Harley will soon feel that heat, albeit in a good way. The hope is that Confederate ultimate might get Harley to "adapt some of its breakthroughs and bring them to a wider market, at lower prices." As J.T. Nesbitt puts it: "We don't want to beat Harley, we want to teach Harley."