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Podcasting as an Advertising Channel

Marketers Letting More Users See Themselves

A couple of months ago, I talked about Crunch Fitness who featured their customers (in their underwear) on billboards. Now Verizon is giving each of their customers 15 seconds of fame on a Times Square billboard. The Verizon campaign microsite is challenging to use at first, but although I think that will be a liability for them, I still admire their willingness to try something very challenging. Testimonial advertising was always about the product, but this type of advertising makes the user the hero. And it isn't about being perfect, it's about being bold.

Link: MediaPost Publications - Out to Launch - 07/27/2005 by Amy Corr (registration required)

To support Verizon's corporate branding campaign, including the launch of www.richerdeeperbroader.com, the company is displaying the site's profiles of actual broadband enthusiasts live on the Reuters sign in Times Square until August 10.