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A New Type of TV Programming from Current

More details are now available about Current TV, which is expected to debut on Monday. Aspiring and professional filmmakers have already submitted 3,000 tapes.

NY Times: For [Al] Gore, a Reincarnation on the Other Side of the Camera by Jacques Steinberg

Instead of packaging its programming in 30- and 60-minute blocks, Current plans to show segments 3 to 10 minutes in length - the better to hold the attention of channel-surfing multitaskers - that are to be shuffled throughout the day like songs on a radio station. Some will be minidocumentaries, produced in-house or by outsiders; others will be feature-oriented, on subjects like spirituality and relationships.

Virtually the only structure is to be provided by three-minute "Google Current" segments at the top and bottom of each hour, in which the most popular Google searches of the day are to be mined for evidence of what is on people's minds.

Though Mr. Gore, who will not disclose his stake in Current, is determined to make the enterprise profitable - "This is business, not therapy," he said - he added that he had already been energized by its broader mission: to give young viewers, in an era of media consolidation, enormous control of what they see.