Changing Patterns of Media Usage
New Competition for Hollywood: your Neighbor

Will the Cell Phone Screen become the Most Important Medium for Advertisers?

This remark just boggled my mind. If you are receiving all the shopping information and services you need over your cell phone, how will that change everything? Think of all the things you won't do any more... traveling from store to store comparison shopping, searching for prices and reviews in the evening, trips across town to the big box...

iMedia Connection: Strategy in the 21st Century (Part 2).

Mobile [phone messages] will become the new on-demand environment for content, and for commerce. I mean, in Japan already, you can walk into any store, you can point your phone at an SKU of a particular product, and it will tell you if you can buy it somewhere cheaper. And, if you can, you can even order on your phone there. You don’t even have to use the retail space to buy anything.