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Changing Patterns of Media Usage

Over at ClickZ, Pete Lerma has an excellent article about a Yahoo conference on how broadband is changing people's lives. The whole article is fascinating, but this idea below explains many things I've been seeing lately. I just didn't know it had a name: media meshing.

Media Meshing: An Evolution in Media Consumption.

However, the Yahoo!/mediaedge:cia research shows people with broadband don't necessarily make big shifts in their media consumption in terms of time spent. Instead, they change how they use other forms of media in conjunction with the Internet. They use the Internet to maximize their engagement with other media. People read stories in magazines and newspapers, then go online to get multiple angles on the stories they just read. They watch a reality TV show, then go online to get character bios, behind-the-scenes information, and more. This type of behavior results in much deeper, richer experiences with print and TV....

TV networks and producers recognize the Internet's power. Networks refer to the Internet as the "second half" of the experience. Producers retain their shows interactive rights and integrate "experience triggers" into them.

Pontiac recently did a deal with the The Apprentice, highlighting its new Solstice. Viewers were encouraged to get more information on the show and the Solstice at Yahoo!'s Apprentice site. People got that deeper, richer experience not only with the show, but also with the car.